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Noel Bio

 Queen of the Catfight


August 15 Philadelphia,Pa 

Noel Harlow is a podcaster and producer for The Big Vito Brand and Vince Russo's the Brand. A former independent wrestling manager, commentator, and wrestler who has worked for various promotions. She begin her wrestling career in 2001. She has performed in many promotions including Chikara, Ring of Honor, CZW, Velocity Pro, Maryland Championship Wrestling, ACW, FOW, JSW, ACPW, JCW, SSCW, IHPW, BWO, EWA, DCW, EAW, DWF,PWS, PWF New England and more.

  • JAP bikini contest (judged by Bam Margera)

  • IHPW Queen of the Catfight Woman's Championship 2003 (defeating "Cookie" Becky Bayless and Miss Michelle)

  • Miss AFJROTC 1997

  • Wrestling Clothesline's Female of the year 2002

  • SSCW's manager of the year 2003

  •  Runner up in DOI's manager of the year 2003, 

  • 50 most gorgeous woman in pro wrestling history in 2010.


Also Noel has been  a MC, DJ, model and entertainer.

She was a model for over 20 years working for VT com, WBW, ME photography, and was a Maxim Magazine hometown hottie. She was also in Andrew Dice Clays body- thon

and was featured on TMZs Banging Backsides contest. 


She was also the victor in the Jersey All Pro Bikini contest and named Miss JAP at the 8th Anniversary show at Bally's in Atlantic City.

Noel appeared in several movies more recently in the feature film Apnea and stunt work in The Church with Bill Mosley and Clint Howard, and an extra in The Wrestler.

Mrs. Big Vito LoGrasso
PodCasting w/The Russo Brand 
& The Big Vito Brand
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 9.23.51 PM.png

9/27/14 Noel Married Big Vito LoGrasso

A short time after , Noel's health went into decline developing a  spinal condition , and  massive stoke in February 2017. Noel lost most of her eye sight, ability to remember, talk clearly, eat and swallow,  and the ability to walk on her own and tolerate noise. She immediately began rehabbing. 

In July, her Doctors recommended to her  Husband Vito that she has to do something to retrain her brain. Together they opened up the Big Vito Brand a web series about life after wrestling. It included a live Stream youtube show Back 2 Reality , a Q&A show on facebook watch, and a show featuring her son Nick G which Noel produced . 


Quickly it expanded with Vito addition to the Brand podcasts on Podcast One and The Relm Network with old Friend Vince Russo. 

In Dec. 2017 Noel's occasional appearance on "Getting Color " and "Raw Review" opened the doors for her own show with Russo about MTv reality show Teen Mom called "Spilling the Teen Mom Tea" .

 The show took off quickly as members of the Teen Mom cast began to frequently appear as guest. Noel and Russo were mentioned in stories from TMZ ( which Noel occasionally guest appears) to People , OK, and Insider magazines. 


That show lead to the development of a New Show called "Spilling the Reali-T" with her partner Foxy Foxxy that covers all reality tv for the Relm Network. 

Other stars have since jumped on board to appear with Noel including Bridezillas, Food network stars, Wrestling stars, and more.


The Big Vito Brand Twitch now has several show, which Noel appears and produces. The Big Big Vito Brand has now grown now to beappears on 12 networks including Spotify and Itunes. They are also featured on I Heart Radio.

They also maintain an EXCLUSIVE show On The Brand /Relm Network called Mr vs Mrs

Vito and Noel are the first sponsored couple by CollarXElbow clothing line.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 8.39.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 12.03.45

Besides her love for reality TV, classic wrestling, animals,  horror movies, Noel is a Disney Fanatic!

She splits her time between Pa and Florida.

Noel collects all things Disney, but her favorite thing to collect is ornaments, , tea pots and salt and pepper shakers. 

Her favorite characters are Snow White, Captain Hook, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, Tinker Bell, Gaston, Pluto, Goofy, and of course Mickey and Minnie.

Noel has a vast collection of salt and pepper shakers that include locations she has visited, animals, batman, and ones her mother hand makes for her. 

In addition to Disney, Noel is a comic book geek. Batman is her favorite.  Her favorite characters being Harley Quinn and Joker. She also owns all the original full run of the Death of Superman, and hundreds of graphic novels. 

She's  an old school gamer Atari, NES, SNES, and Sega, and is on XBox Live.

Noel's LOVE music.  She loves TuPac, Dr, Dre, WuTang, Eminem, Snoop, Run DMC, Cyndi Lauper, as well as her love for the classics Sinatra and Louis Prima. Her all time favorite music artists are Prince, and Amy Winehouse.

She is also a fan of classic movies and actor Yul Brynner.

Noel is also known for her "unusual" way of dressing for which she credits growing up on Cyndi Lauper and Sherri Martel. 

There you have it, Noel Harlow LoGrasso, Disney Freak, Macho Man Mark, Gamer, Vintage loving,  Comic Nerd, Reality show expert, Animal lover,

Hot Mama, Mrs. Big Vito, 

Podcaster, Producer, Survivor. 

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Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 8.35.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 8.33.53 PM.png

Mr vs Mrs

BVB 1 year
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